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2014 birthday party
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2014 birthday party

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In 2014, Shanghai passed through the spring in the drizzle, which was a bit like Hangzhou in the misty rain. Fortunately, when the beginning of summer, the rainy season has begun to subside a little.

Another day in mid-May, Jinglin's first multi-person birthday party started in a sunny afternoon. When the 8 birthday stars gathered together to laugh and cheer, it gave people a sense of joy that the birthday stars swept all departments, and the beautiful meanings contained in it seemed to indicate the bright future of the company this year.

Wearing a birthday hat, singing birthday songs, saying blessings, cutting cakes, the unity and beauty of the company are displayed in every detail, and the display of smiling faces also shows their joyful mood.

We have a good environment, a good mentality, and a good family group feeling. This is the collective we show, the company we show.

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