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Looking back on July, it was an extraordinary month
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Looking back on July, it was an extraordinary month

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   July 1, 2022 marks the 101st anniversary of the founding of the CPC and the 25th anniversary of the Chinese government's resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong.  We raise a glass to the glory of this momentous time, when some of us are burdened.

   In addition, July 1 is also a proud day for every Jinglin person.

   On that day, the company organized the "TWENTY-FOUR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION"activity, in the hot summer for every Jinglin people to send birthday wishes, cakes, fruits, drinks, happy atmosphere filled the company building.


   Since the establishment of Jinglin Packaging in 1998, Jinglin people have been plowing hard and bearing heavy burdens all the way forward, and always taking innovation as the driving force and customer demand as the guidance, unswervingly forging ahead on the road of industrial packaging.  It has completed the leapfrog development from single machine to complete sets of equipment, from products to services, from domestic to international.

IMG_20220701_154332-600 IMG_20220701_154409-600

   Now and then, Jinglin will continue to maintain the pioneer attitude, do not forget the original intention, and forge ahead to achieve the glory of domestic packaging machinery as soon as possible!

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