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Prosperity! Jinglin packaging has won awards!
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Prosperity! Jinglin packaging has won awards!

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        Since 2022, The State Council and Jiangsu provincial government have issued plans to promote the development of core industries in the digital economy. Recently, the provincial key industrial Internet platform, the first batch of provincial star cloud enterprises and the provincial two integration management system standard demonstration enterprise cultivation object to identify the list of official publicity, in the selected 10 bell tower economic development zone enterprises, Jinglin packaging successfully into its list.

附件4:2022年度省两化融合管理体系贯标示范企业培育对象拟认定名单--600 328165534710644-600

         JingLin packaging surrounding the development strategy of digital transformation, import two 2.0 integration management system, analysis of market, technology, manufacturing, quality and other business information and ability demand, planning strategy, sustainable competitive advantage - new ability system of cooperation, gap analysis about the present situation of the company, for the late term capacity planning to lay a solid foundation.

       As the world's leading industrial packaging services, JingLin company has already formed the including steel, aluminum processing industry, copper tube processing industry, plastic industry, wire rod, bearing industry, such as more than ten class industry solution and 9 big series about the balance 200 single, complete kinds, advanced technology, products and services by the user's trust and praise.


       Recently won the honor, Jinglin packaging in the harvest of honor at the same time will continue to maintain the pioneer attitude, hard work, set the industry benchmark, and strive to create a national brand!

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